seoulbeats dance competition / ryyy – taeyang wedding dress (dance cover)

quick edit to the title. i just wanted to submit my video to the seoul beats dance competition. i’ll change it back as soon as the the dance contest is done. ๐Ÿ™‚ just me doing a dance cover for taeyang – wedding dress. love the song, love the dance. minus well, yeah? threw some freestyles in there. i know i don’t do it as good as taeyang but whatever…hope you guys like it! song used: taeyang – wedding dress tumblr: twitter

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25 Responses for “seoulbeats dance competition / ryyy – taeyang wedding dress (dance cover)”

  1. Garfunklmibladder says:

    That was sick ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. blabby24 says:


  3. TheMrPogiBoy says:

    Great tuts man, and pretty damn clean too

  4. KawaiiWay says:

    smooth! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. xColoredPencil says:

    youre gooood! and you cute tooo (: haha!

  6. aznxstar6 says:

    dudeeeee, you are AH MAZING ! ( :
    JRA saw thisss . XD

  7. SayChow11 says:

    thats sick i like how you went with the beat

  8. ChrisEllisMusic says:

    SNAP!!! sick stuff man!!!

  9. Singinferyoo says:

    omg, you are SO good. amazingly good. really very super good. You are one of the only people I’ve seen who gets the beat right. this song has a very difficult beat, and boy, you got it! xD
    You also put your own spin on things, and it looks great, so MANY props to you! ^^
    You’re extremely talented. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. latavia01 says:

    i was tryin to learn those dance moves, you beat me to it , you good ;D

  11. MrSupreme1000 says:

    that was freaking brilliant

  12. o0sasuhina0o says:

    ok its either u or kaotsun whos gonna win teh competition!!!
    ur a professional dancer arent u??
    this was AWEOSME!!
    this was teh BEST so farr!!!

  13. dkaml07 says:

    marry me….please.

  14. callmeichiro says:

    dayyyemmm you good as heck dude, you should go on “so you think you can dance”

  15. bahamamama1022 says:

    so smooth and clean, lovin this dude

  16. saquido1141 says:

    ur freakin pro dude!!

  17. BettanIsAoi says:

    OMGASH your awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ =)

  18. malikandfren says:

    Another awesome video

  19. DianaH1993 says:

    very good โ™ฅ

  20. co0kiiedoughx says:

    ohmygod that was awesommme!(=

  21. KurtieBirdie22 says:

    has anybody told you that you’re amazing? cause you are! good luck with the competition!

  22. Midami422 says:


  23. KDA749 says:

    awesome !

  24. JessieAng94 says:

    OMGOD!! ur dance is like so AWESOME!!it looks like edited by computer or like robot or whatever! you rocks!!

  25. 28panda says:

    freaking awesome. u deserve to win any contest!!!

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