Anthony & Jessica’s Wedding in New Jersey

Anthony JJ’s Wedding in New Jersey

Las Vegas Church Revial Part 2 Of 3

Part 2 of the revial. The baptism Pastor Rolo Las Vegas Church. Look for part 3 Thank You and God Bless.

GWNN Las Vegas Johnaton & Dolly’s Wedding

Johnaton & Dolly’s Wedding Las vegas

Gypsy, Chris Bones & Jenny’s Wedding In Jersey by Larry Chip

Chris Ricky & Strawberry’s & Jeniffer Donald & Debbie’s Wedding in New Jersey, May 26 2009.

Gypsy Weddings & Party’s From Around The world

Gypsy Weddings & Party’s From Around The world Music by Walter Ziko Song title This song

Gypsy Josh And Chanel Tumyala Party IN Las Vegas Superbowl

Josh And Chanel Party In las Vegas gypsy wedding gypsy party Tumyala britnhillz dorina28 rustmarx bobbydo

Gypsy New Years Eve Las Vegas Aria Hotel 2010

Gypsy New Years Eve In Las Vegas

Gypsy New Years Las Vegas 2010

LEAVE COMMENTS THANKS GOD BLESS with DORINA28 AND RUSTYMARX gypsy party in las vegas jhonny ugly party gypsy wedding fight dance

Gypsy Christmas In Las Vegas 2009

LEAVE COMMENTS THANKS GOD BLESS GYPSY gypsy gypsy wedding las vegas new years dance new years gypsy party christmas gypsy

Las Vegas Vacation

went to las vegas for dads birthday it was a blast it felt like las vegas vacation the movie lol we had fun!

Gypsy Superbowl In Las Vegas!!!

The Boys Partying in Viva For Superbowl 2009

Gypsy las vegas guys Danceing

in las vegas at my house

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