Erik and Stephanie’s Elvis Las Vegas Wedding on 05-11-10 part 2.wmv

Bro drunk after wedding, trying to beat cheeks with the wifey

Older bro drunk at wedding, tryna beat cheeks with the wifey in front of his family.

Jason & Melissa: Married on 5.8.10 at Caesars Palace

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada meet Mr. & Mrs. Damude. They had a fun 6 hour wedding experience at the gorgeous Caesars Palace, Las Vegas in the Pisa/Palermo room (see the view). They booked our CELEBRATE DJ experience with DJ Rich as the DJ and MC and all their guests are cheering in the background!

Michelle and Rogers Las Vegas Wedding on 5-4-10.wmv

Wedding Part 5/9: Reception (Entrance, Blessing, Dinner, More Dedications, Thanks, Toast)

The wedding of Anthony Davis and Jeanette Beltran: Reception (Entrance, Blessing, Dinner, More Dedications, Thanks, Toast)

Starla & Robert’s Wedding in Las Vegas

These are the videos I took of Starla and Robert’s big day in Las Vegas [April 24th 2010 @ 2pm]. Congrats you guys!

Rex/Gigi talk marriage (2/6/09)

On the way to Vegas Rex asks Gigi to marry him but both decide to wait until the timing is right. Someone is spying on Rex/Gigi as they look for Dorian/David. Later Rex/Gigi bust in on a wedding in progress. Rex/Gigi board: Farah Fath Forum:

Hells kitchen – Wedding failure

Red team fails with wedding dinner at season 3. Gordon Lackar Ur As Hell

Las Vegas Weddings

Wedding song featured on TV – Once upon a Time a Bridal Tale. Composed by Lee Alverson

01 – Usita/Ochinang Wedding 8/8/08 (Part 1)

Our wedding ceremony held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on 8/8/08 (Part 1 of 2)

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels | Michael and Janlee Maddox

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Review

Roy and Krishna’s Elvis Las Vegas Wedding on 05-05-10 part 2.wmv

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