The Friends-Merriage in Las Vegas

The Friends

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25 Responses for “The Friends-Merriage in Las Vegas”

  1. Mikey09JDMc says:

    this is so the best episode

  2. mariale989 says:

    lol ok thanks! 🙂

  3. kallierenee306 says:

    It was right after Courtney got married and she kept on telling them to put Arquette after Cox. For this episode they put it after everyone’s name to kind of make fun of her.

  4. mariale989 says:

    why is this arquette there? XD

  5. yumagetbullet says:

    Phoebe– oh my god
    — ohh well

  6. berkan402 says:

    i think this episode the best.:)

  7. geraldinabob says:

    Hello mrs Ross!
    Why hellooooo mr. rracheeel!

  8. MiSSCLAiR3 says:

    Courtney Cox, she got married when filming this in real life

  9. MiSSCLAiR3 says:

    that was hilarious

  10. CupCakePixie says:

    who’s arquette?

  11. kallierenee306 says:

    i love the arquette after everyones names (:

  12. carebearnmbr46 says:

    I love Phoebe! LMAO

  13. cheshirekat101 says:

    Wooooooh!! Friends cannot be outdone!!! (it rules)

  14. olgaole says:

    oh yes?
    but it is still funny!xD

  15. TwinkleHonk88T says:

    no they did it on purpose. thats when courtney got married, and it was just a tribute.

  16. olgaole says:

    haha it is very funny…
    its probably a technical problem xP

  17. BTGibson says:

    “Oh my God…
    Eh, well.” LOL!

  18. elvisexpert2006 says:

    i think cuz courtney cox got married

  19. TwinkleHonk88T says:

    yes i am asking if matthew perry, david schwimmer, and matt le blanc are married to david arquette. when all three of them are strait. i am asking if lisa kudrow and jennifer aniston, who is courtney coxs best friend btw, are married to david too. its called sarcasm. hence the “lol”.

  20. lestattnj says:

    are you seriously asking this?

  21. TwinkleHonk88T says:

    are they all married to david arquette? lol.

  22. pieboyjr says:

    I think this was the first episode broadcast after Courtney got married to David Arquette so the editors put in this nice touch at the start!

  23. Usmstr says:

    I don’t know but it is also that on my DVD’s.
    Probably just some crazy stuffs.

  24. CaylaRules says:

    why are all the last names arquette?

  25. Beccsz says:

    OHMYGOSH i love this episode :]

    “hello mrsRoss”
    “why, hello Mr Rachel!”

    😀 <33 thx for putting this up!

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