The Wedding Planner – Plan On Forever

Want to know how to plan that perfect wedding?

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25 Responses for “The Wedding Planner – Plan On Forever”

  1. Zapporah says:

    This song is from the wedding planner.

    Plan On Forever Performed by Dana Glover and Mervyn Warren

  2. MarigoldAnjali says:

    The name of the song in the end is” Love don’t cost a thing” by Jennifer Lopez!

  3. mimetoxny says:

    does any one know what’s the name of the song in the end of the movie, whe they;re showing the names of the directors and actors …. 10x

  4. caramariewolfe says:

    want this at my wedding xxx

  5. hisluv19 says:

    Great movie, I just seen it for the 5th time tonight! The song fits really well.

  6. robertfriend1 says:

    Great Movie! Great song! Easy to watch several times.

  7. bongrocio says:

    ,,,but the funny thing about answered prayer is they come to you in unexpected way,,,,,,,,,,trisha carlos

  8. AshleyWWEChamp says:

    Im watching this moviee right noww
    I love ittt soo muchhhh (:

  9. Frankonce says:

    Thanks a lot, greetings from Chile!!

  10. floortjaa says:

    I watched this movie again this afternoon, and when I heard this song, I imeadiatly looked it up,,hash, I just love it!(L)

  11. Sa5151 says:

    i did too!! Love this song!

  12. poison499 says:

    I love this song and the movie just got threw watching it, thanks for uploading it.

  13. flippinecc says:

    Want to know how to have a beautiful wedding?
    wingsofgabriel. com

  14. xobrittxo4u says:

    oh my gosh this song is amazing. i love it.! does anyone knw where they can get it for a free ringtone.?

  15. endywayoxrays22 says:

    future wedding song

  16. crazyfresh412 says:

    I love this movie as well as this song. It’s beautiful. 🙂 The clips go along great with the song as well. Thanks so much for uploading this song!

  17. jnscott77 says:

    this is my favorite movie with her i love jennifer lopez she is not only beautiful but an amazing actress expecially in Selena

  18. mgirardin1 says:

    Love the movie, love the song. I watched it not too long ago too and I know every word of the movie : D

  19. tarantella212 says:

    I just watched it , One of my favorite movies
    I really like the M&ms Thingy 🙂 and the final scene when he sneaks behind her and ask her the same question she asked him at the begining ohhhh so romantic
    i wish i could find a guy like Matthew McConaughey’s character
    Steve one day ^^

  20. littlebrokensoul says:

    such a nice film.. think i might go & watch it in a bit lol xx

  21. steamyboy69 says:

    Yah, uhm ,,, I fell in loVE with this song and the movie THe WeddinG PLAnnER, but I love the movie version moRe

  22. CamKate985 says:

    I’ve always loved this song and this movie! Nice video it flowed really good!

  23. zigeunerlein says:

    Such a beautiful song i love it…..!!!

  24. 33Gracielita says:

    Very like it! Thank you so much!

  25. DancingPianist16 says:

    This version of the song is obviously sung by SueAnn Carwell but if you watch the movie, you’ll see Dana Glover’s name listed in the credits for singing this song. Dana Glover has a pretty distinctive voice, sort of husky, so it’s definitely her in the movie version. So I guess both you and ltlirishsassyass are right 🙂

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