The Young and the Restless Wedding of a Lifetime

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS stars Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil reviewing 25 semi-finalist videos for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS “Wedding of a Lifetime” contest The winner, to be announced on June 1st will win the wedding ceremony of their dreams in Las Vegas, witnessed by THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Christian LeBlanc and Tracey E. Bregman. Grand Prize packaging provided by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and MGM Grand Las Vegas. Go to …

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25 Responses for “The Young and the Restless Wedding of a Lifetime”

  1. Chg4now says:

    DG’s comment – Krystal and I are married. You can sense his real feelings about their relationship. CK can’t hid her feeling either. They are not acting at all – real natural CHEMISTRY.

  2. lanefan256 says:

    Daniel and Christel are so cute and funny. They should do more of this type of work together. Thanks for posting!!!!

  3. lololacrevette says:

    those two are keeping me from learning lol

  4. Chg4now says:

    Daniel and Christel should be married, they would last because of the Chemistry.

    It’s so natural. It make you wonder.

  5. grenadiancandy says:


  6. hill03 says:

    Do you have it on mute?

  7. G4666 says:

    This was a fun interview. I like that they are so comfortable with each other b/c that is why their onscreen love is so belieavable. They seem to be good friends which is also a plus.

  8. grenadiancandy says:

    ok why there is no volume!!???

  9. writergrlT says:

    i love y&r and i love LANE they r such a cute couple and

    thanz 4 the clip

  10. nikita1530 says:

    Daniel and Christel look like a married couple they are so comfortable with each other she’s correcting him (like saying no dear it’s not like that, but like this) You can tell they have chemistry even off screen

  11. Chg4now says:

    DG & CK are really soul mates in another life time. We are so fortunate to see them in this lifetime. These actors are so into each other. They are totally so in to each other period.

  12. grandmere626 says:

    Love these two, onscreen and off. They are sooo at ease with each other. GREAT COuPLE TOGETHER!!!!!!

  13. Chg4now says:

    Daniel and Christel are too cute together. I like how Christel corrected Daniel about them being married. They sure act like a married couple LANE FOREVER.

  14. stylequeen1987 says:

    These two are tooo cute . I love Lane and CK and DG .

  15. punchyb says:

    Loved the clip! Love this couple and the actors. They have such a lovely rapport onscreen and off!

  16. LANE4PLAY says:

    I love Christel’s advice, since she is still a newlywed per se! (Too bad her good friend Daniel was unable to attend).

  17. morsile says:

    Nice clip.

  18. reneee800 says:

    i love how he cannot stop like at her

  19. dennigirl3 says:

    I can see why they work so well together on set. They seem to play off each other even when they are doing something in real life. They seem to enjoy working together. \Love Daniel and Christel

  20. YRStarLight85 says:

    Thanks for posting! It’s always nice to see behind the scenes videos with your favorite actors. It was cool seeing the process of them picking the finalist and sharing their thoughts on Lily and Cane’s wedding.

  21. hill03 says:

    Aww – they are so great! Both are naturally gorgeous too.. Thanks for the clip!

  22. LANE4PLAY says:

    Alrighty then! Christel and Daniel are HAWTTTT!!!

  23. trina20tt says:

    Thanks SoapFan!. I flove Daniel and Christel. Thanks for posting. So cute!

  24. Meghan2320 says:

    I just love them. They are so great together and funny. DG and CK are the best. I loved cane and lily’s wedding.

  25. Luvanpeace says:

    Thanks SoapFan!

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