Triple H marries the boss’ daughter in Vegas

Triple H marries an unconscious Stephanie McMahon at a drive-thru wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

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25 Responses for “Triple H marries the boss’ daughter in Vegas”

  1. Michealmyersrules123 says:

    TEST has been dead

  2. OscarWonggg says:

    He was found dead in his hotel room back in March.

  3. Nicole123654 says:

    he was found dead in his room idk what happened though

  4. hassanbinrasheed says:

    why is he dead

  5. OscarWonggg says:

    RIP Test

  6. azumangaX says:

    I remember getting pissed off when I saw this happen on T.V.!

  7. emokid991 says:

    the guy b4 hhh was test i believe

  8. emokid991 says:

    triple h that one S.O.B. ROFL !!

  9. LexxaCullen13 says:

    I still Can’t Beleive it!
    Now they are offically happyily Married wiht a Baby Girl!
    Triple HHH Rocks!
    Defintley Bad Asss!

  10. wolf3blud says:

    in the beginning of the video it’s test. then hhh crashes the wedding.

  11. Andrea155100 says:


  12. Andrea155100 says:

    guess what triple h is mt father no lie

  13. WrestlingPhilosopher says:

    watch the entire video

  14. WrestlingPhilosopher says:

    watch the entire video

  15. Kaidak says:

    He isn’t Triple H

  16. matjogeng says:

    is that triple H..?!

  17. EgyptianForLife says:

    isnt even his real name, its Paul Michael Levesque

  18. rekram16 says:

    hunter hearst hemsley rules!!!!!!!

  19. sebaswwe20 says:

    meeeen….HEPIC MOMENT….great stroryline to start the McMahon-Helmsley era.!

  20. unclefatso4monkey says:

    i dont het it what just happend

  21. gutairgod19 says:

    R.I.P test. and yes these were the days and hhh is the best heel ever

  22. cowboys4lfe0781 says:

    these were the days

  23. Coolboez930 says:

    LOL Triple H looks alot different.

  24. familyguygetsrkoed says:

    test did in march accidental overdose

  25. hardyboys30 says:

    she really is hot

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