Wedding Day Hairstyles : Three Ponytail Up-Do Hairstyle: Wedding Hairstyles

How to style hair with three ponytails in an up-do for your wedding day hairstyle;get expert tips and advice on styling your own hair for special occasions in this free instructional video. Expert: Kim Brown Contact: Bio: Kim Brown has been doing hair and make-up for 19 years, and has owned her own salon for 8 ½ years. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves

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25 Responses for “Wedding Day Hairstyles : Three Ponytail Up-Do Hairstyle: Wedding Hairstyles”

  1. prettypeach1000 says:

    can u guy show step by step..cause i love the hair style…wanna try it to my hair for wedding too….love it…

  2. keelinmarie says:


    i love it soooooooooooooooooooo much.

    my sister duz too..

    she is duin dat 4 a wedn erz goin ta

  3. vibzy13 says:

    wow…first i thought it would look bad but then at the last the total design was awesome

  4. jimmykin0 says:

    omg that loooookkkss ah-mazing

  5. Giorgelis1 says:

    wow, its so easy n quick and it looks amazing

  6. CaribbianPrincess says:

    that is weird i cant do that becuz i dont got straight hair +how r u gonna get the hairstyle out???

  7. bubbchuckstheloser says:

    how does she get it so that the hair doesn’t part when she’s first making the ponytails???

  8. QueenMaly says:


  9. faiibby says:

    wow! that was so nice and easy!

  10. Qnisha07 says:

    that is really cute. the instructions shud b a bit clearer but overall its a gud wedding luk.

  11. jaysgay13 says:

    that is so cute

  12. HARDINGMacey1274 says:

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  13. cookiesandapom says:

    dat is an amazing wedding hairstyle..thanks for the tutorial.. 😀

  14. Indiazn96 says:

    this is an amazing hairstyle!

  15. slingchai says:

    thank you for your tutorial.

  16. twiztidhairchik says:

    I agree.. How do you first start out with this?? Do you start wrapping the knotted hair strands around the base of the poney tail or what?? I’d like to know so I can do this at school!

  17. bwennyangel786 says:

    oh WOW !
    amzing , i was wondering how they do that rite on dats pretty !
    im gonna learn dat

  18. essentialmedication says:

    if you notice she is not knotting single strands. and obviously not every style is going to work for every one. and there are ways of getting around curly hair

  19. Soad199Rs says:

    she is killing the ends of her hair..

  20. 1992goingfaster1992 says:

    Have done this for several proms and a couple of weddings in my salon…a big hit..thx..

  21. prettypeach1000 says:

    how do u first start out…

  22. Just04u01 says:

    its really good..looks great and is easy to do

  23. q8yaXwft5r says:

    wooooooooow love it!

  24. huyenlan says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial . It’s simple , easy , and beautiful .Could you please show more up-do . thanks

  25. liteshine says:

    hahaha i wonder how it would be to untangle that 😛 :DD

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