Wedding Of A Lifetime-The Young And The Restless’ Christel & Daniel

Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil reviewing 25 semi-finalist videos for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS “Wedding of a Lifetime” contest The winner, to be announced on June 1st will win the wedding ceremony of their dreams in Las Vegas. **Update*** Daniel Goddard (“Cane”) and Christel Khalil (“Lily”) have selected the four finalists, and now the fans can help determine the winner.

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24 Responses for “Wedding Of A Lifetime-The Young And The Restless’ Christel & Daniel”

  1. pseacke says:

    They are just so funny together. It’s obvious they are great friends. That’s why they are at the top of the leap when it comes to soap opera couples. Supercouple for sure.

  2. LaneEternity says:

    loved when he said Ck “you know what i absolutely agree with you”2.47

  3. ShunaP1 says:

    This was a lot of fun to watch. DG and CKH have an easy chemistry together.

  4. LaneEternity says:

    Great chemistry between DG and CKH on an off screen;

  5. llihretnil says:

    this is why there are so many Lane fans. DG and CK are great together on and off the screen. They compliment each other in a warm and sweet way. Like best friends. That’s why they are so great as a couple on Y&R. Thanks for all of your vids another one for the FAV list

  6. Thejaze22 says:

    Do they love each other? I mean for real? I think there is a real deal going on b-n these two couples!!!

  7. lenjas26 says:

    Where was this video! Thanks for uploading it, it is about time that there is some footage of Lane behind the scenes, sort of. Christel doesn’t seem to do many interviews, but Daniel has done quite a few.

  8. CaptivatingBeauty says:

    CK & DG should host a fan event. It will be so much fun.

  9. lanefan256 says:

    I’m putting this on my playlists, I adore DG & CK . Thanks for feeding the addiction canelilyfan!

  10. utubefanlova says:

    yeah we are 🙂 love them <3<3

  11. hill03 says:

    I can’t get over how great the chemistry is off and on screen! They’re both pretty, funny, smart – ah, we are some lucky fans. Thanks for posting Patrice!

  12. hill03 says:


  13. babyashby says:

    nice clip of the Ashby’s

  14. murray4life57 says:

    my favorite part is through 7:14 to 8:09…DG and CK are funny

  15. Ashbywinters says:

    oh la la !!!!!!!! monsieur et madame Ashby I adore you!!!!!!!! long live Lane

  16. avereemom says:

    OMG I need a barf bag not for Lane but for these damn Couples..Thxs for sharing.

  17. dholmes299 says:

    That was so great. Thanks so much! Such great chemistry! LANE 4 EVA!

  18. G4666 says:

    I loved it. They are incredible and funny. They have the same chemistry in real life. Thanks Patrice.

  19. mydoves says:

    CLFan, thanks for the clip. After I vote for our Lane, I decided to start voting for one of the couples. This is the first time I’ve seen the actual clip.

  20. stylequeen1987 says:

    We love you DG and CK !!!!!

  21. CaptivatingBeauty says:

    Thanks Patrice! Great clip!

  22. pepperatstate says:

    That was great! You can see the chemistry that they have. I love how they are so playful. Great to see them together as themselves, not as Cane and Lily. Thanks for the video!

  23. canelilyfan says:

    You’re welcome 4paige!

  24. 4paige says:

    Ta Patrice!

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