Wedding Part 6/9: Reception (First Dance, Other Dances, Party, Mothers’ Dedications)

The wedding of Anthony Davis and Jeanette Beltran: First Dance, Other Dances, Party, Mothers’ Dedications

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11 Responses for “Wedding Part 6/9: Reception (First Dance, Other Dances, Party, Mothers’ Dedications)”

  1. ampandjen says:

    Thanks =)

  2. ampandjen says:

    Thank you!!!

  3. ampandjen says:

    Thanks! =)

  4. ampandjen says:

    Thank you! We had fun!

  5. ampandjen says:

    ; )

  6. ampandjen says:

    Thank you. I’m sorry I forgot where I got the dress. I’m in the middle of moving and my stuff is packed.

  7. moochie987 says:

    that dress is stunning wow it was ment for you.

  8. Tweety1985love says:

    ur dress is beautiful! must have been expensive

    AND I AM SO GLAD U CHOSE Michael Jackson! <3 good choice

  9. nene123123 says:

    that was cute

  10. dominicanlove22 says:

    i love your dress

  11. dominicanlove22 says:

    i like this video….but i love the dress, can you tell me where you bought it? or anyhting about the dress

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