Zach Galifianakis interviews Bradley Cooper on Late World

Way back in 2002, seven years before The Hangover, Zach thinks hard before he asks Bradley about “Alias.” … Zach Galifianakis Bradley Cooper The Hangover Alias Late World VH1 canceled but brilliant Between Two Ferns Todd Philips Midnight Meat Train Comedians of Comedy Wedding Crashers Out Cold How to loose guy in 10 days Wet Hot American Summer the State David Wain Old School Matt Walsh Road Trip Ed Helms Iron Mike Tyson Las Vegas argyle socks

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25 Responses for “Zach Galifianakis interviews Bradley Cooper on Late World”

  1. standdownman says:


  2. gestfromslapmagazine says:


  3. manystar says:

    Bradley is sweeet and handsome…he only man that i love

  4. SethMcFartlane says:

    Wow! I can’t believe this show got cancelled. It’s so…

  5. darkreign16 says:


  6. JoshSitar says:

    Another beard comment.

  7. ishcarly says:

    hahah dry hump

  8. LoReNaPunKPrinCeSS says:

    mama mia k wa`po k es bradley (L)

  9. Aliciaruy00 says:

    Is it really Zach Galifianakis ?

  10. avosky says:

    so hot!

  11. lauriscovarru2309 says:

    omg bradley looks amazing!!!! i love him!!!

  12. tathya7 says:

    whoa, beardless Zach! wasn’t he on Tru Calling?

  13. heatherayyy says:

    Ahahahahaha 😀

  14. AliasThatIsFake says:

    Reaction from 3:48-3:50 is great.

  15. High5loveMaroon5 says:

    wooow zach looks super different and gorgeous without his beard….. i love him he is hysterical

  16. kosimitz says:

    Zach looks different with no beard. It’s funny because they later star in the Hangover together

  17. zsazsa0013 says:

    3:25 omg do that on me!

  18. jenniferchocolat says:

    omg omg omg zach!! that is nuts

  19. BennyNars says:

    wow this is the first time i see zach with out beard.
    bawahahaha. ^_^.

  20. 26viision says:

    I’m there! : )

  21. Lancelotfan01 says:

    hhaha its not///they’re shooting it.

  22. Lancelotfan01 says:

    zach hahahah he looks different wayyyyy different/////and btw bradley looks better wit long hair

  23. LadyArgento says:

    Holy crap Zach looks totally different. I would never have known it was him.

  24. shezziecakes says:

    I LOVE it when he dry humped zach lmao 🙂

  25. whales says:

    woah good call on the beard

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